Saturday, September 12, 2009

Susanowo WIP part2

So I was able to squeeze in going to the hobby store before work and bought some of the things I needed :D
some very much needed putty and I was suprised they had this tamiya masking tape(since hobbylobby doesnt really carry all that much tamiya product) I jumped on the chance to buy it lol(pretty expensive stuff)

I bought some chrome silver to paint the cannons and flag face with(I was mad I couldnt find any clear colors that I needed :-/ ) and some plastic cement.

Now this kit has many seam lines placed all over the kit but the one that bothers me the most is the one on the thigh armor

So I applied the putty and let it dry over-night

And after countless minutes of sanding I ended up with this

It came out ok I think I might have to redo apart where these two "pieces" near the circular part but other then that it looks to get rid of the rest :ermm: .

The next update should be painting maybe some primer if I buy some(what brand do you guys recomend I was going to pick up this testors grey flat one but decided I should ask for your oppinion 1st)

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