Saturday, September 12, 2009

Susanowo WIP part3

So finally time for an update....DAMN YOU SCHOOL FOR TAKING UP MY TIME!!!!
Lol anyway this is what I got done in a day.

So while removing seams I ran into a small problem

The grey pieces will be stuck in between the parts when I close them up for the seam removal process.
There was two choices
1)Mod it to be able to seperate better
2)Be lazy and paint the part then mask it....

I chose #2 lol

This is the end result

Dodged a bullet there lol

I also washed the pieces and put them into labeled containers to let them dry
I started to get all(most) of the pieces ready for primer on bamboo sticks

After spraying the primer this is the result on the arm

Theres no more ugly seam on the arm...I am so proud of myself lol
next I will start painting(hopefully) and finish this kit up to start on well you know lol.

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